When you purchased your car, did you start seeing the same model everywhere? Once your awareness is heightened, it may seem that your model is very popular, and yet it is only because you are more inclined to notice similarities if something is within your focus.

Because you are visiting our blog, you may notice that design surrounds you in interesting ways. Everything has a design whether it is naturally created, manmade or a combination of both. But what is actually behind the design? What makes one design incredibly brilliant and another one rather boring?

Expect to read thought-provoking ideas in this blog. And, expect to see ideas that trigger your emotions.

I will share …
• My favorite products, furnishings, accessories and artists
• Our newest completed projects including before, during and after photos
• Sneak peeks of our current projects
• Advice to help you achieve great design
• Information to help you organize your project, pic or work with the right designer for you
• Exciting news about our company and events
• And a potpourri of everything else we love and want you to know about


If you’re new to our site, I’m Susan Hopkins and my company is Susan Hopkins Interior Design.

I am admittedly design-obsessed. Great design is my passion and it attracts me like honey to a bee. It is more than just the visual representation of design that interests me; it is the textures, combinations, colors, use and function of space and so much more.

Twice a year I attend High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina to feed my hunger for new and innovative ideas to keep my projects fresh and cutting-edge.
Susan Hopkins Interior Design was founded in 2006. During the beginning, I worked full-time out of my home and moved to my first studio office in September 2010. After having my son, I was so busy that my husband volunteered to work with me because he could see that the business was consuming me.

By May 2012 our first employee, Raeanna started as an Interior Design Assistant. Maggie then joined us after Labor Day 2012 as an Interior Designer, so we now have three designers total on staff. We’re growing rapidly and have some exciting new things coming up that we’ll share with you in this blog.
You may wonder why I decided to blog since so many interior designers already have a blog. When I browse design magazines, it seems that design projects are “OK,” but not fabulous. Some newer designers copy what they see, and seem to think that makes their style current. However, it makes some magazines seem boring and cookie cutter to me.

Occasionally, I am absolutely blown away by the talent that exists, but sadly seems to be hidden because it doesn’t fit what the magazines want to show. I’m sure you’ve noticed that not all design is great, or even good, so when design is impeccable, it should be recognized!

Great design is more than picking a few pieces of furniture and some accessories from a retail store. It takes considerable thought, creativity, knowledge of technical details, resources, vendors and artisans to assemble the perfect montage of finishes and furnishings to evoke an emotion.

When you follow our blog, we will critique some of the good and not so good design that we see so you can understand how we think.

We will share favorite designers that are breaking boundaries and taking risks by stretching their creativity.

Research is part of the daily education process, and I often encounter amazing photography, artwork, fonts, stationery, set or movie designs, and inspiring products that trigger or drive our designs or our out-of-the-box thinking. We’ll share these as well.

Everyone loves “Before” and “After” shots including me, but wouldn’t it make sense to see the progress shots and stories to go along with them? The progress shots provide the context and thinking behind the decisions.

Let me know what you think. We have a lot of projects that are almost complete, so we’ll go back to the beginning of these projects and revisit the pre-existing conditions, walk you through the design challenges and process we used to come up with the final design. We will post professional shots of the finished spaces as soon as the projects are finished assuming they aren’t under consideration for publication in a magazine, and if so, we’ll let you know when the final shots will debut, and in which publication.

It will be fun to share our vision and passion with you. Please be sure to comment when you read our blog or browse these before-progress-after projects, so we know how to keep it interesting and fresh for you.

There are guidelines for great design, but there are no hard and fast rules though other designers might disagree. In fact, I purposely find ways to go against the “rules” to create unique spaces.

Every space has the potential to be unique – even within homes that look identical on the outside.

The architecture or existing elements of the space provide the bones, and the way the colors, textures and selections come together makes them unique. Your personality, style, aesthetic taste, requirement for function and efficiency is different than your friends, family and neighbors’. Your comfort level with your financial investment, quality preference, collections of art, heirlooms, furniture, and so much will be different. This means the Design Program (our thorough interview with you) helps us understand your needs and priorities.

No two projects of ours are the same or even similar. We design for our clients’ personalities. See for yourself when you view our portfolio.

Our blog is the beginning of our conversation with you – another lover of design. We are excited to introduce our brand new website, and as we grow, you’ll get to peek behind the curtains to see how we create our concepts and execute these complex projects that look “oh so simple,” but are quite the opposite.

Let us know what you’d like to know, and we will create posts about your topics of interest. Be sure to give us your feedback so we can make this your favorite design blog.

Warmest Regards,
Susan Hopkins, CID, ASID