Before you start working with a Philadelphia interior designer, you should have a solid sense of your personal home décor style. Your designer can give you suggestions and build out your style to turn a few preferences into a cohesive design plan, but he or she cannot tell you what you like.

If you’re not sure how to define your home décor style, use this handy guide to get your thoughts bubbling. It can be tough to pinpoint exactly what defines your style, so give yourself the time to really think your style through.

What are your Favorite Items?

Take a look around your home and pick out your favorite items. Your favorite furniture, your favorite decorations, even your favorite appliances and fixtures – just note which items your eyes scan spark joy, rather than fading into the background or even eliciting disgust. These are the items you’ll build your style around.

Next, notice what these items have in common. Do they share certain colors or color palettes, were they created in the same time period, or do they have similar textures? Use these items to determine an ideal home décor style for your house.

How About the Houses and Public Spaces you Love?

Think about some of your favorite places to be outside your home. How are your favorite stores and restaurants decorated? Think of friends’ and relatives’ homes that you admire. What do you admire about their homes? Draw inspiration from the places you like visiting. You might not be able to translate your favorite restaurant’s interior design scheme directly to your home, but you can certainly lift elements like light fixtures and color schemes to develop your own interior design style.

Take Inspiration from your Home

If you’re having a hard time developing a cohesive interior décor style for your home, take cues from the home itself. Work with the architectural features present to make them look and feel more valuable – by letting form follow function, you can find creative ways to optimize your space.

Do some research on the home décor trends that were popular when your home was first constructed to see the design ideas that were going through the builder’s head as they constructed it. If the home hasn’t changed much since it was first built, its materials can add a vintage charm and direct your design plans. For example, you might initially think a midcentury pink bathroom is ugly. But by exploring ways to modernize and embrace the pink bathroom, you can create a chic space and save money by using what’s already there.

Get More Home Design Guidance from a Philadelphia Interior Designer

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